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The BrainStyles System is the result of extensive research and testing in business and personal environments on how specific patterns of brain hardwiring determine an individual’s speed and approach to decision-making, risk-taking, conflict resolution, and relationships. Working and collaborating with an awareness of this “wiring” can unlock major contributions to productivity and successful relationships with less stress.

The BrainStyles System® gives leaders, managers, HR professionals, executive coaches, and individuals invested in improving themselves, the tools they need to work better with others, make organizational assessments, and build dynamic teams based on their natural, hardwired abilities.

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The science of BrainStyles lies in the time it takes for us to process information in any new decision.

BrainStyles™ Research

Original Research

The ideas and premises that ground BrainStyles in real life situations were developed in 1982 by the CEO of a struggling company. The breakthroughs of hemispheric conversation and timing, which were later validated by Marlane Miller's original research in genetics and neuroscience, came to the CEO in sleepless all-night sessions. These premises were initially tested and validated by an expert research team from the University of North Texas with other leadership teams. By 1993, The BrainStyles Assessment was co-developed and validated at over 90 percent face validity by Miller and a researcher at the Neeley School of Business at Texas Christian University.

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Further Validation

In 1994, Scientific American published some of the first color PET scan images of the brain at work, adding further support to the way our brainstyles use different parts of the brain when trying to reach new or unfamiliar decisions. BrainStyles has since been repeatedly tested and validated in business and personal environments by independent consulting firms, psychologists, and researchers across the world, including ITESM, the largest private educational institution in Latin America.

Science and Spirit

The BrainStyles relationship tools are based on more than 15 years of neuroscience and genetic studies, 30 years of group and individual behavior studies, and 20 years of spiritual and religious principles and their applications with others of all faiths. The result is a meld of science and ancient wisdom that encourages you to look at the human experience in a new way. Those who have engaged with BrainStyles have experienced transformations in their lives by becoming aware of the most intimate thing they do as humans – think.

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